Autumn 2021 Update:

We continue to adjust our COVID policies to reflect those of the State of New York and the CDC.  All spa services are available, our home store is open and personal training is available in our gym.

The rapid spread of the Delta variant requires us to ask for your flexibility as our masking and safety policies may need to change.  As of this writing, fully vaccinated customers have the option to enjoy the spa without a mask. Masks must be worn (including during parts of spa treatments) by anyone who does not have their proof of vaccination available or chooses not to share their vaccine status with us.

We encourage vaccinated guests who wish to remain masked to do so.  Since spa therapists work in close contact with guests, members of our professional staff to continue to utilize masks as part of their basic PPE while in the treatment room. 

We will be asking for proof of vaccination for those receiving spa services.  Everyone receiving spa treatments will be allowed to remove masks during certain parts of their treatment, but for those not fully vaccinated we will require masks be worn before, after, and during certain parts of your treatment. For example: if you do not present proof of vaccination you will be asked to keep your mask when you are face up during a massage.

We trust that everyone will follow our guidelines and help to keep our community safe.  Thanks for your continued understanding and flexibility.


At Drew Patrick Spa we specialize in both traditional and medical spa treatments and offer a personal skincare line to pamper your body. Our personal training gym and yoga classes will invigorate your body, while our home store, featuring lifestyle gifts & furnishings, allows you to bring the Drew Patrick Spa sense of rejuvenation home with you.

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